Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss For Brassiness Review

Hey guys! I kind of went on a hiatus last month when I went into birthday party mode, followed by a myriad of health issues from one end of the family to the other… and THEN my cats destroyed my light box (thing I take photos of my stuff in) and I killed my computer which took a week for me to fix and then I superglued my light box to my coffee table trying to fix it (I’ll leave out all the things I superglued to myself) and then I just needed a few days for my head to not explode and to go to another birthday party (that I didn’t have to plan or do anything for!) Seriously, if it wasn’t one thing, it was ten others.

Now here I am. The good news is that I did get to try out some products in all of that craziness, so I’ve got ammo for the blog. The bad news is that I still have to take pictures now that I have a semi functional light box and then edit (which I’m horrifically slow at because I have no idea what I’m doing) but will try to work it in as best I can during naptime.

So now that you’ve patiently read all of my excuses and thoroughly feel my pain (or skimmed to the point of this review) here we go. After a different product trial unfortunately stripped the color out of my hair (I’ll save that for the next review, I believe).. I thought it a good chance to try out the Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss for toning down brassiness I had in my ‘need to try’ box.

Rita Hazan Foaming Colorgloss Brassiness

You see, I have naturally very very ash toned hair, and if I use any hair color that lifts, any unprocessed hair goes very yellow. I don’t know why. I counter that in different ways depending on the situation, but wasn’t prepared for the color stripping I mentioned earlier, so I had ended up with a lovely brass tone from roots to ends. So the next time I washed my hair, I grabbed the Foaming Color Gloss bottle and after shampooing, I pumped the foam into my hand and started applying. I know I used more like three or four handfuls at the time, but my hair was much longer… Even after losing 7 inches, I’d still probably be using about two handfuls, so it will all depend on your length and thickness… not to mention working through freshly shampooed hair is kind of difficult, so I may have added more for that reason.

Rita Hazan Foaming Colorgloss Brassiness Directions

After leaving it sitting for about 5 minutes, I went about rinsing and conditioning as usual. Having fine hair, I’m used to very smooth feeling strands, and occasionally I come across products that leave my strands feeling coated in something. This is one of those products. Thicker or coarser hair probably won’t notice as much, but I definitely felt it. A lot of ‘glazing’ products leave a similar feeling. This one wasn’t as heavy, but I still noticed it. When I dried my hair, it wasn’t any more shiny than my usual conditioning/styling products leave it, so I was disappointed there considering it’s called Foaming Color Gloss. But your miles may vary.

Rita Hazan Foaming Color Gloss Brassiness Swatch

It did, however, deposit some color to help counteract the yellow… just not as much as I expected. This product wasn’t what I needed for my situation. This is more of a maintenance product, not something for full on toning or color correcting unless you’ve got platinum hair or just need a touch of help. This is a product I would use to brighten highlights or extend the life of my not too ruined hair color. Not as something to fix an actual problem.

There is really nothing this Rita Hazan product can deliver that a quality toning conditioner can’t. I wouldn’t say this is a bad product, just nothing new yet rather pricey. Unless you’ve got the cash to burn, I’d skip this one.

3 / 5 stars     
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